5 Ways Owner Reps Increase Project Profitability

How Owner Representation Adds Value to Commercial Construction Projects Your commercial construction project is a colossal investment. The best way to protect t  hat investment? By hiring an owner’s representative. In the simplest sense, your owner’s rep acts as “you”...

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Lot For Your New Business

You’ve heard it before: location is everything! Whether your business is growing or just starting up, finding the right place to set up shop is key to your long-term success. As experienced construction professionals, we’ve helped many new business owners set up their...

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How The Design/Build Method Saves Time and Money

The Design/Build Method is used by top construction firms to lower costs, streamline efficiency, and ensure top quality in every completed project. Scherer Construction has utilized this technique since day one, and stands behind the benefits it offers their...

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ADB Legal Case Study

The law offices of Alexander, Degance, & Barnett (ADB) project is an ideal example of Scherer Construction's unique abilities to serve our clients and our commitment to help make every project a success. By utilizing our in-house design services and fast-tracking...

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