Santa Fe College

R.E.A. Solar Lab 

Gainesville, FL





Gainesville, FL


8 months

Completion Date

May 2015


1040 SF

Type of Construction

Construction Management

About the Project

This project is the construction of a new renewable energy array and teaching pavilion. The renewable energy array includes evacuated tube assemblies, photovoltaic modules, and parabolic trough collectors. All the systems are piped into centrally located skid mounted control panels that monitor the production of the systems. The information produced by the control panels is shown on a monitor located inside the teaching pavilion. The teaching pavilion will be used by various classes, including engineering and math studies, to teach students about renewable energy systems. The array and pavilion were designed so that students can get up close to see the various renewable energy systems and also monitor the output of such systems to get a better understanding of how they work.