Construction Consulting

Our 30+ years of providing our partners with design, build, and construction services has earned us the expertise to assist in any part of the construction process. Our team of architects, engineers, and contractors work together to evaluate each project, ensuring that the most effective, comprehensive solution is reached.

Our construction consulting services include:

Site Selection

Site Due Diligence

Design Review

Owner Representation

Construction Manager Oversight

Quality Control


Since our founding in 1984, Scherer has used the design/build method to provide seamless service to our partners. We use our years of design, construction, and development experience to evaluate every project with an eagle eye, ensuring that design is flawless, our estimates are accurate, and our projects are completed on time.

We promote the design/build method as the best choice in construction contract delivery. Scherer takes ownership of the design and build processes, transferring risk and responsibility to our team. With engineers, architects, and contractors working together, every problem is examined from every angle, cost and time savings are realized, and the construction process is made simple for our partners.

Construction Management

We use our Construction Management services to assist our partners with unique builds, where our expert knowledge can be applied to optimize design, cost, and subcontractor and schedule management. With this method, general contractors work closely with our partners’ architects and engineers to maximize project value from start to finish. Involvement in the bidding process for subcontractors and suppliers ensures that our partners enter contracts that will bring the most benefit to their projects.

Site Work

In 1997, Scherer Construction diversified into site work as a means to control quality and provide accelerated project timelines. Since then, Scherer’s site work division has been successfully self-performing on our own projects and has also become a valued partner to other general contractors.

Site Work Services

Excavation and Clearing


Underground Utilities


We are unique in our market with a concrete division that not only self-performs on our own projects but which also acts as a trusted subcontractor. We take great pride in the fact that even our direct competitors are invested in our integrity and the quality of our work.

Concrete Services