Tesla Dealership
Fullfillment Center

Automotive | Tampa





Tampa, FL


9 months

Completion Date

December 2017


30,000 SF

About the Project

The new Tesla Dealership is a repurpose of an existing auto dealership and 384 parking space garage with an office space.
With only a building slab remaining, demolition of the slab and utilities were completed and the new dealership footprint
installed. This project has been broken up into two phases. The first phase was the renovation of the parking garage in
which all new electrical, paint, structural repairs, and replacement of the elevator was completed. In addition, the 8,000
square foot interior office space which will be used for vehicle delivery was also completed. The second phase is a new
30,000 square foot dealership and service center. The structure is made of tilt wall panels and will include 6 large overhead
bay doors for the service center.