How Owner Representation Adds Value to Commercial Construction Projects

Your commercial construction project is a colossal investment. The best way to protect t  hat investment? By hiring an owner’s representative.

In the simplest sense, your owner’s rep acts as “you” on the site and behind the scenes, ensuring success through every step of the construction process. Here are some reasons you should work with an owner’s rep, and how they can save your project from some common construction pitfalls.

1. They’re Always Up to Date

Your project is one of the many, time-consuming items on your to-do list. It is inevitable that when trying to balance project management and your career, some things will end up neglected. Your owner’s rep will constantly oversee your project, so that you can focus on your other obligations without worry.

It’s important to remember that being present during construction is critical. Progress is always underway, deliveries are arriving, and, of course, decisions are always being made. Many of these decisions will require your approval, and the longer it takes you to provide that approval, the longer it takes your team to make progress. Having an owner’s rep on the site ensures that every decision is rooted in expertise, reached quickly, and made with respect to your vision. This combination of careful attention and knowledge streamlines the entire construction process.

2. They’re a Construction Expert

Whether you’re a seasoned builder or working on your first project, your owner’s rep is always available to provide insight at every stage of construction. It’s their job to know the ins and outs of permitting, budgeting, scheduling, and everything in between. Your owner’s rep is both a liaison and a strategist, applying their expertise to ensure that your project remains true to your vision, on schedule, and within budget. Unlike the layman, your rep and construction team speak the same language, so they always know what’s what regarding your project and it’s specifications.

3. They’re on Schedule

The cliche “time is money” is quite applicable to the construction industry. For every day your project is set back, there’s more pressure placed on your budget. One of the most important roles of your owner’s rep is to keep your project on track and on time. Your rep is always there to avoid setbacks, solve problems, reassess milestones, and maintain a strategic schedule. If you have a particularly tight budget, the project schedule is absolutely imperative and can make or break the success of your project.

4. They Know the Vision

Although your contractor’s designers, engineers, and building team should all have a solid idea of your vision, your owner’s rep will know the project inside and out. When questions, comments, and concerns arise in your absence, your owner’s rep will make decisions that directly reflect the goals and expectations of your build.

Should an aspect of the project need to change, your owner’s rep will provide key insights that add value to your project. As we’ve discussed, timing is key, and a quick turnaround on decisions will avoid delays. Changes can be made quickly when you have the best alternatives immediately available. In knowing everything about your vision, your owner’s rep can also keep an eye out for design or structural elements that appear out of place or don’t imitate the initial design plan. If they see that a particular aspect of the build won’t meet your standards or vision, they can respond immediately to fix the problem.

5. They’re Strong Leaders

As an owner’s rep continues to avoid mistakes, setbacks, and miscommunications, there is always a chance that an unexpected complication arises. A cohesive team is a successful team, and it’s the key to keeping your team focused on solutions to the new challenges that are presented. Your owner’s rep understands the relationships between the members of your team, and can open lines of communication between them to foster team problem solving.


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