Build an Office Designed for Productivity

A well-designed office space will boost morale, enhance productivity, and provide a positive brand experience. As Florida’s business builders, we design and manage commercial construction builds for office spaces across the state, and always make sure to avoid these 6 common office design mistakes.

1. Poor Lighting

Natural lighting is proven to encourage productivity. A 2017 study published by Cornell University professor Dr. Alan Hedge found that natural light in the workplace can provide the following benefits:

  • 56% less drowsiness
  • 63% fewer headaches
  • 51% reduced eye strain

We always design office spaces so that windows provide sufficient natural light, increasing employee comfort and productivity.

2. Unprofessional Reception

The reception area is where potential clients or partners will gather their first impression of your office. There should be enough space for a reception desk, and seating so that guests can comfortably wait if they are early for a meeting.

3. Forgetting About Your Brand

Your office space is an important representation of your brand. Even if clients won’t see your office, including brand elements, such as your brand’s colors, is important to help your employees identify as part of your organization. 

4. Lack of Storage

No one likes clutter. It reduces productivity, and it looks unprofessional. Storage closets are important to keep documents, any specialty equipment, and office supplies organized.

5. Only Offering One Type of Workspace

Your employees will likely need space to collaborate, and space to work individually. Don’t commit them to an exclusively open office concept, or on the other hand, forget to offer communal areas entirely.  

6. Not Leaving Room for Growth

You’re planning to grow your business, right? So make sure you have some room in your office to add members to your staff!

7. Poor Planning 

The biggest mistake to avoid when designing your new office space, or any commercial construction project, is poor planning. At Scherer Construction, we take over the planning and design process for owners, so that you know that your office building will be designed with your business’s functions, employees, and clients in mind.

Create An Efficient Office Space with Florida’s Business Builders

We’re here to help you design and build an office space that will help you meet your business goals. Contact us with more information about your project, and we’ll get started.