30 year partnership yields Salvation Army Camp Keystone Conservatory project

For over 30 years, Scherer Construction has partnered with the Salvation Army to complete dozens of projects, the newest being at the Camp Keystone Conservatory in Starke, FL. Scherer has completed numerous projects at Camp Keystone, including building cabins, a multipurpose building, a dining hall, and holiness center.

The most recent project Scherer Construction completed is a design/build renovation and addition to the existing conservatory. New additions, like this one, are necessary as the program, and it’s members, grow.

Scherer Construction builds quality commercial facilities in North Central Florida. Here you can see a construction project in progress.

A picture of Camp Keystone in the works!

From mid June until the end of July, Camp Keystone buzzes with the sounds of children enjoying the Salvation Army’s annual summer camp program. At this Monday through Saturday sleep away camp, Elementary and Middle school aged children are able to express themselves through recreation, education, and spiritual activities. Children are encouraged to build relationships with other camp members and learn valuable life lessons and skills.

For many of these children, this camp serves as a safe haven where they can enjoy their youth in a positive, growth-oriented environment. The camp’s infrastructure is designed to promote exploration and Scherer’s newest addition continues to reflect this goal.

Scherer Construction — Construction that Builds Community

Scherer Construction has always been, and will always be, a business centered around the success of our community. We love working on sites that give so much back to the areas where our families live, work, and play. If you have a project you’re ready to bring to life, give us a call at (352) 371-1417.