Everyone is speculating how present and future offices’ construction and design are going to be affected, post-COVID.

Although a guess might be possible, one thing is for certain, they will change, and they will be approached very differently on several layers.

Some possible scenarios –

  • Building space to occupant load will be larger due to need for distancing between personnel.  Occupant load could shrink, however, due to more work at home employees.
  • Reception areas will be eliminated or completely detached from normal flow to office to keep visitors out of the general personnel and office areas.
  • Access will be non-touch or hand pass so that contact with doors or hardware is eliminated.
  • Common areas, baths, and elevators will be non-touch and hard finishes for easy cleaning and disinfecting. 
  • Floors/walls and ceilings will be hard surfaces and/or easily cleaned materials to facilitate cleaning and disinfecting. 
  • Office break areas (if even provided) will be dispensing single use single container serving, that can be individually disposed of once used. 
  • No more sharing refrigerator or cabinet space.
  • A/C systems will pay special attention to filters and fresh air makeup to deal with any airborne contaminates.
  • A lot of what is adopted will mirror what is presently done in hospitals and medical buildings.

As this approach emerges and is refined, one thing is for sure with our background in both office and medical, Scherer is uniquely positioned to give input as to design/budget and scheduling to help our clients make good design and business decisions or both new office and remodeling of existing facilities.

Bill Martin

COO, Scherer Construction of West Florida, St. Petersburg, FL