Image of a bulldozer with the text "How Quality Site Work Sets the Foundation for a Successful Build."

What is site work?

Thorough site work is the first step of the construction process, and is crucial to ensuring the success of the project. But what is site work? Put simply, site work is the stage in which your lot is prepared for the construction of a building.

This process often includes clearing, excavation, and grading. Without proper site work, you’ll likely run into a myriad of issues that will slow down your project and end up costing more money. Proper attention to detail in the site work phase will save you both time and money in the long run.


Clearing refers to the removal of any unwanted foliage or shrubbery on your site, and it’s the first step after lot selection. A site isn’t viable for construction until it is completely cleared of all shrubbery and debris. Every site is different, and will require unique removal and disposal methods depending on the type of plant life that’s on your site. Clearing larger and more dense vegetation will require different techniques than the removal of more sparse plant life. The proper removal and disposal of vegetation is necessary to ensure that your project progresses smoothly.


After completing the clearing process, our team will get to work on the removal of excess soil, rocks and debris, also known as excavation. Excavation is critical to the longevity of your foundation and the success of your build. Without proper excavation your site may not be level, and excess soil or rock debris could impede your project.

The difficulty of this process will largely depend on what type of rock and soil lie beneath your site. Excavation requires experienced professionals and large earthmoving equipment.


Before setting the foundation, you’ll need to properly grade the site to guarantee your structure isn’t going anywhere. Grading is the process of adjusting the slope of your site and ensuring it’s leveled correctly, which is essential to building a sturdy foundation. Grading is also important in directing the flow of water away from your site. Runoff and wastewater can cause multiple setbacks during construction, costing you time and money. With proper grading, your site will be equipped to handle the elements.

Scherer Construction – Making your site work for you

At Scherer Construction we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to complete your project as effectively and efficiently as possible. Construction projects are complex, and we’re here to simplify the process for you. Quality site work is the first step to ensuring that construction goes smoothly, and as always, our team of experts focus on doing the job right. Learn more about our site work services on our website and take a look at our portfolio of site work.