Scherer Construction is currently renovating three 12,000 square foot villas at the Marywood Retreat and Conference Center in St. Johns, Florida. Located on 100 scenic acres of oak tree-dotted waterfront views of the St. John’s River, the Marywood wanted to renovate their villas to transform them into relaxing, enjoyable spaces for their guests. We are working to make significant improvements that will bring the villas up to the standards of the beautiful property.

The Marywood can accommodate close to 200 guests across its indoor and outdoor facilities. The center hosts diverse groups for spiritual retreats, weddings, and other social events. Construction is closely coordinated with the center to accommodate overnight guests, and will be completed in an efficient 10-month span.

We are proud to help the Marywood with this exciting project that will elevate their guest experience. Ansley K Beaver, the Events Manager at Marywood Retreat & Conference Center, said, “Kevin and Joni have been excellent to work with throughout the renovation of our overnight villas. They completely understood our needs as a retreat center to make these renovations successful and transform the buildings into enjoyable spaces for our guests to relax in.”

The renovations include new finishes throughout, a 2-story entry feature, lounge space, roof system, underground fire main, and associated site work. The initial motive for improving the accommodations for the center was to continue a relationship with the Diocese of St. Augustine, one of their most important partnerships.

Beaver added, “Upon approaching the completion of each villa, their teams were able to meet the required standards to allow guests a smooth transition into the new space – even when schedules got tight. We have been very happy with our relationship with Scherer Construction and hope to conduct future business with them!” 

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