An Expert Review Prevents Costly Setbacks

Before diving into a major commercial build, it’s important to have a plan in place to avoid setbacks during construction. Design review with your contractor is a key component of risk management during the planning phase. At Scherer, our construction consulting team offers a full design review for our partners to carry them through every step of the project, ensuring that all details are ironed out and approved before construction begins. 

Know the Unknowns

To avoid unforeseen roadblocks and costly delays, a design review will thoroughly assess feasibility, design quality, and regulation compliance for anything that may obstruct the quality or timeline of your project. A great design team reviews the project design, identifies any concerns, and provides effective solutions to stay on track with your goals. A review is also the chance to consider design element compatibility before you begin the build, such as building materials and structural compliance with governmental laws and building codes. 

Innovative Approaches

Conducting a design review is a team effort. While you may envision the build of your project to look a certain way, your contractor may offer insightful alternatives that optimize your project to include functionality you didn’t realize was possible. This is your opportunity to dream big and ask out-of-the-box questions. You’ll discover which ideas and elements work in line with the capabilities, budget, and timeline of your project. 

Future Compatibility

Long-term vision is essential to any new construction. Weathering the municipal changes, market shifts and possible future expansions should be considered when designing new buildings. Assessing the design plan for both long-term endurance and flexibility creates an adaptive edge to your project, allowing for a peace of mind for the future of your business. 

Scherer Construction – Expert Design Review means a Flawless Finish

Design Review is an essential piece to a successful, smooth project workflow. It prevents roadblocks, optimizes functionality, and ensures that the finished construction stands the tests of time. Contact our expert team of engineers, architects and contractors for a full service design review for your project needs.